Looking for an adviser on how wireless technology should be part of your business?  Need help with engineering, technology road-maps, or solutions for your wireless network or project? Advice needed for your growing business? I’m here to help.


My passion is tackling challenges at the intersection of technology and unique business ideas. Technological competitive advantage requires more than just having a technology expert on your team. I know how to develop and position your technology effectively in a fragmented and crowded marketplace so that it is disruptive, unique, and profitable. That makes the difference between having a good idea and achieving rock-star success.

Let me help. I have a great track record of commercial technology development, with proven entrepreneurial and team leadership success.


Untethered musings, ideas, and ramblings…

Chasing the Sun and the Moon

I find myself so enamoured with both the Sun and the Moon that I’m constantly chasing them, wanting to be in their presence whenever possible… Some of the most amazingly beautiful scenes I’ve witnessed have been when these two conspire to surprise me.