Chasing the Sun and the Moon

I have come to realize how important, impactful, and fundamental the Sun and the Moon are in my life. They are fundamental to my existence. Despite how how seemingly different they are, they equally affect me. When the two interact with eachother, the experience is as memorable as anything I’ve experienced in my life.

The Sun

Reliable. Everyone can always count on the Sun. He’s always there right when I expect. Even when the Sun is shadowed or blocked, his light is still there.

Impactful. The Sun touches us all in a way nothing else can. He brings light to everyone and always turns away the darkness. Too much absence from the Sun can make me depressed. But the light of the Sun can always manage to penetrate through the smallest crack or crevice and reach me, making me feel better.

Pleasant. Everyone loves the Sun. Everyone loves being bathed by his warmth and light, often times becoming stronger, healthier, and generally better as a result. I can’t help but always smile when in the presence of the Sun.

The Moon

Mysterious. Unless one really makes a point of studying and understanding how she works, it’s hard to know exactly what the Moon is going to do. Will I see her tonight? Or will the Moon grace me with her presence at some point in the middle of the day when I least expect? And when I do see her, I’m never quite sure what to expect, but I’m always moved.

Impactful. There are so many things the Moon impacts that few of us realize. Our behaviors are unknowingly influenced by the Moon’s presence. A full Moon in the middle of the night prompts liveliness and excitement. Like the Sun, the Moon can chase away the darkness and bathe me in light, often when I least expect it. The Moon’s gravity can affect my mood in ways never expected.

Beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off her. Each time I really give the Moon my full attention I see new and amazing details I’ve never noticed before. Her light makes things in her presence look amazingly different and beautiful.


I find myself so enamoured with both the Sun and the Moon that I’m constantly chasing them, wanting to be in their presence whenever possible. I’ll wake up early, stay up late, hoping to see them. In rare instances, I get to witness the Sun and the Moon together at the same time. Some of the most amazingly beautiful scenes I’ve witnessed have been when these two conspire to surprise me. I’ve learned to realize that if I plan ahead, I can have increased chances of seeing them, and if I’m lucky I’ll have the good fortune of seeing them both at the same time.

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