16 years, 5 months, 8 days

16 years, 5 months, and 8 days ago I made a big leap in my career.  I left my corporate job working as a Director at a wireless network operator to go into business with two partners.  I had a 1 year old and my wife was pregnant with our second child.  We were trying to sell our first house in time to close on a new house we were at risk of losing our earnest money on.  My parents and my in-laws thought I was crazy.  Why on earth was I leaving a secure well paying job at a well known Fortune 100 company to start up a new company.

I never felt more secure in my life.  I always wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial journey.  I was confident and what better time than early in my career and my family’s existence to take the risk?

We were hoping to make some noise as an RF engineering consulting company specializing in advanced wireless technologies.  If we could make a difference for a few clients and make a living at it for three years, we would be happy.

16 years, 5 months, and 8 days later, Centerline Solutions is a self-performing full turnkey solutions provider with 10 offices across 9 states.  I guess it turned out alright.

I couldn’t be happier with how the last 16+ years have gone.

But it’s time.  It’s time to turn the page to the next chapter.  I’m taking the next year to explore new opportunities.  Working on some side projects I’ve neglected to pursue.  Brushing the dust off on several ideas I’ve jotted down in the middle of the night while my mind was wondering.

No regrets.  No hindsight.  Looking forward to having a blank sheet of paper to write the next chapter on.

6 thoughts on “16 years, 5 months, 8 days

  1. Wow ! Great big wonderful world out there to explore and make better. Give me a call if you ever want to brainstorm. I am doing some interesting re-imagining of the Electric Utility for a long shot green field project one of my ex IBM friends is toiling with.. Makes you step back and ask “Knowing what was not know then, how would I create an electric utility now”. There are other legacy industries that can modernize as a result of answering that question too… just need to find which one matters most…


  2. That’s the spirit Dan !!

    Best of luck with whatever you lay your hands to next, no doubt, if it recieves half the precision, passion, persistance and perhaps possessed fanatical-ism you’ve brought thusfar – from entrepreneur to Eagle Scout coach and everything in between – you are likely going to be creating some very dynamic opportunities. of course that’s assuming you don’t come back it completely changed man after having stared into the eyes of distant human ancestors.

    No Dan – you are the one killing it!!

    congratulations !!!


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